11 DYK low power consumption

Low power consuption

Did you know the Lynx series of switches has the lowest power consumption rating in its class?

The Lynx switches have the lowest power rating of any switch in its class, at just 5.7W including the SFP fibre transceivers.  The low power consumption has several beneficial effects when looking at the whole life costs and the cost of installation.  The most obvious point is, the electricity used over the lifetime of the system will be considerable lower than other devices in the same class with a higher power consumption.  The supporting equipment such as the AC to DC power supply can be smaller, more cost effective.

The not so obvious, but more important factor is the heating effect of the Lynx in an enclosure.  When a device is active, it produces heat.  The heat produced is the same as the power consumed by the device in the form of electricity (energy is never destroyed just converted).  The lower the power consumption, the lower the amount of heat generated by a device.

The enclosure or cabinet containing the electronic devices has to have a large enough surface area to dissipate the heat generated by all the devices inside to the surrounding air.   The factors governing the size of the enclosure are the total heat generated, surrounding ambient air temperature and the surface area of the enclosure.   The low power consumption of the Lynx means that less heat is generated when the device is running meaning that the enclosure can potentially be smaller and therefore more cost effective.

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