Did you know?

Westermo products, software and functionality are developed to meet needs specific for data communications in industrial environments. Over the years we have gained great knowledge and a high capacity to solve complex problems in a simple way.


Did you know L3 WeOS is the only industrial platform with Router, Firewall, VPN and Cyber Security features built in as standard?

Did you know WeOS devices take between 10-14 seconds to go from power on to fully operational?

Did you know that a WeOS device can be used for waking up equipment in the network, wake on LAN?

Did you Know WeOS 4.19.x now supports 16 users?

Did you know WeOS supports the fast leave function for IGMP?

Did you know WeOS can reroute IGMP Multicast data streams in 20ms in a resilient ring topology?

Did you know that SNMPv3 can be used to securely control the access to a network switch?

Did you know that WeOS supports 2048 IGMP multicast groups?

Did you know that the Tech Support button in WeOS and WeConfig will save an incredible amount of time when troubleshooting network communications?

Did you know that IGMP snooping all proxy mode will help keep the traffic load to a minimum in Multicast applications?

Did you know that you can get automatic notifications on WeOS updates?

Did you know WeOS now supports an L2 resilient Horseshoe topology?

Did you know Westermo ring coupling can support up to four redundant paths per subnetwork?

Did you know that the Westermo operating system (WeOS ) supports 802.1x port authentication?

Did you know that important traffic can be prioritised across the network?

Did you know WeOS can detect address conflicts?

Did you know that you can create ring networks over multiple links for increased resilience?

Did you know that the WeOS DHCP server can save money in train refurbishment projects?

Did you know that 1-1 Network Address Translation make’s reusing the same subnet for multiple systems very easy?


Did you Know WeConfig can automatically backup all WeOS devices on a network once a day and highlight the differences if someone has tried to make changes to the configuration to allow a Cyber-attack?

Did you know that WeConfig can configure a VLAN on a group of switches with only a few clicks of the mouse?

Did you know that WeConfig can secure the project file using a password?

Did you Know WeConfig can automatically take a backup of the WeOS configuration files?

Did you know WeConfig can be used to detect problems with a fibre installation?

Did you know WeConfig will highlight and let you review any difference in configuration when a system backup is performed?

Did you know that WeConfig can add embed files in the project file?

Did you know that WeConfig version 1.5 supports a feature to issue a new password to all devices in a system in one easy step?

Did you know WeConfig can record and display as a graph the signal to noise ratio (SNR) for multiple SHDSL links?

Did you know WeConfig can evaluate the cyber security base level of a network?


Did you know the DDM SFPs have a temperature sensor built into the electronics?

Did you know that WeOS devices can be used in the Nitrogen atmosphere used in subsea applications as standard?

Did you know the SDW range of switches is one of a small number of switches where all the RJ-45 ports are galvanically isolated from each other including the screen?

Did you know the Lynx series of switches has the lowest power consumption rating in its class?

Did you know the case of the Lynx is a non-sparking alloy so it can be installed in a coal mine application?

Did you know that vibration testing is performed with the SFP transceivers plugged in?

Did you know the Viper series of train switches have an IP rating of 67?

Did you know the DNV approval for the Lynx allows the switch within 5cm of the ships compass?

Did you know that all available SFP transceivers can be used in any combination within the same WeOS device?

Did you know that the Lynx is the most compact industrial switch in its class?

Did you know the RedFox rack switch complies with the ETSI standard?

Did you Know the Lynx is the only switch with DNV and IECex approvals?

Did you know 4G mobile network technology offers lower latency compared to 3G?

Did you know all Westermo managed switches are sealed to at least IP40?

Did you know that all ODW Fibre to serial devices has a status relay?

Did you know the DDW-x42 has a robust link up functionality?

Did you know that the Viper switches can breathe?

Did you know Westermo’s mobile routers feature dual SIM-cards?

Did you know that the SDW switch is the perfect troubleshooting tool?

Did you know Westermo managed switches and routers can be installed from the North Pole to the Sahara desert as standard?

Did you know Westermo EN50155 onboard switches are the most extensively type-tested switches available on the market?

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