12 DYK Non-sparkling alloy

Non-sparkling alloy

Did you know the case of the Lynx is a non-sparking alloy so it can be installed in a coal mine application?

The Westermo Lynx and DDW-142 & 242 series of devices have a case made from an alloy called ZAMAC 5. This alloy has a high zinc content making the alloy non-sparking when struck with a ferrous metal. This is particularly important when operating in a coal mine or other areas where there is a potentially hazardous atmosphere. The alloy does not mean that the device can be openly mounted in a hazardous atmosphere but it does mean that a flameproof enclosure can be opened as long as the power has been disconnected and the Westermo device replaced without the risk of an accidental spark. This could be a huge cost saving for a user who would normally have to bring the whole system to the surface or a safe area to change or even get access to the networking component.

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