Detect fibre connection problems

Did you know WeConfig can be used to detect problems with a fibre installation?

On any installation, there is a potential that the interconnecting media will fail at some point. The failure is not always 100%. There will be a period of intermittent communication problems or a reduction in the available bandwidth. In some instances, small packets will pass through a connection, but large packets will have a high percentage of loss. WeConfig and WeOS can be used to diagnose an issue through the “Communication Summary” list, and the specific details in the “Communications Details“ tab can be used to look at all aspects of the traffic passing through a specific port.

The analysis of the error counters can quickly point to the media being the source of the problems. Usually, the FCS (frame checksum errors) or other error counters will increment quickly.  Normally there should be very few errors if any, over days or weeks of operation.

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