Water pump management system

The sewage system for Goczałkowice-Zdrój community in Poland were built back in 1993. It was the biggest local water treatment project ever with almost 70 km pipelines and intermediate pumping stations to transport the water to the treatment facilities.

In recent years, requirements for a more flexible and secure system were needed and a remote controlling and monitoring system was designed. Polish company Energotest took on the task to design the application and decided to go with the GDW-11 485 GPRS modem from Westermo to provide for the data communication.

In the control center the Citect SCADA system monitors and controls the pumping process. Each pumping station is equipped with a GDW-11 485 modem connected to the corresponding PLC via RS-485 bus. The GDW automatically logs on over the GPRS network and provide a stable TCP connection between the pumping station and the iPC server. The data is transferred from the PLC to the SCADA application using the Modbus protocol.

Some of the pumping stations are also equipped with reading-instrument for water quantity. Water flow data can be monitored using the same GDW-11.


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