Jerker Pettersson at Westermo receives scholarship

Jerker Pettersson has been awarded a scholarship of 10 000 SEK from Arvid Nilsson’s memorial fund, issued by Eskilstuna Fabriksförening.

The scholarship was awarded Jerker Pettersson in Eskilstuna, on 27 October, 2016. Jerker has studied production engineering with a focus on Lean, and will now, with his knowledge and dedication, bring the manufacturing process something unique.

The motivation reads: Jerker has extensive experience as a process engineer in electronics manufacturing. Knowledge he has accumulated through experience and working with complex products for industrial communication. For two years he has added a manufacturing technology education with special focus on Lean. This means that Jerker can use and combine practical experience with new theoretical knowledge in a very valuable way for Westermo.

Kari Parkkila, production manager at Westermo, says that the trend is getting towards complex printed circuit boards, with increased demands as a result. In the future, the soldering process will be much more complex to manage. That Jerker has been awarded this scholarship is very beneficial for us at Westermo.

Jerker will work with a standardised approach, with a focus on Lean, to further optimise and increase the efficiency of our processes. He will further reduce the risks for us to make errors in the future. Our production will be better, more effective and safer. It will strengthen the Westermo’s position as a market leader in
industrial data communication.

Kari concluded by congratulating Jerker to the fine scholarship.

The future will be a smarter and safer society, to live in


Since 1975, Westermo has delivered reliable, industrial communication. As a product manager at Westermo, I see a trend towards a smarter society, in the future.

I see a trend with a higher degree of connection to equipment and people. It will contribute to positive business results for those who see the opportunities and are willing to face the changes.

I believe, with an intelligent network infrastructure, we can improve operations and increase security. The trend towards the Internet of Things (IoT) will provide us with valuable insights and solutions that will lead to improvements and efficiency in many industries. I think that many industries will see the benefits and will use the technology increasingly. In the future we will see affiliated factories, machines, tools, smart electricity grids, roads and vehicles. The driving force will be the many benefits that people and businesses can gain through a higher level of connectivity.

IoT will create a whole new game plan for various industries such as Process
Automation, Shipping, Transportation and others. There will grow up completely new business models based on how people interact and how information is shared between people and processes. The industries will in the future rely more than ever, on the technology, to improve both safety and service.

The IoT will place new demands on network infrastructure in the future. Many applications will require high-speed connections, low latency response, integrated security and flexible and scalable wireless network infrastructures.

Our products and solutions are based on a system approach that makes it possible to achieve a higher level of security while maintaining the quality, efficiency and automation as the foundation. So I am sure that Westermo meets the future demands of the IoT.

Westermo to showcase latest products and solutions at SPS IPC Drives

Westermo is to showcase its latest innovative and robust industrial networking solutions at SPS IPC Drives 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany. Visitors to the Westermo booth (501, Hall 10) will be given demonstrations of a range of new products and solutions that provide secure, reliable and easy to configure industrial networks.

During the exhibition, Westermo will unveil the latest version of its WeConfig intelligent network configuration management tool, which saves users significant time and costs when configuring large and complex networks. WeConfig 1.5 features additional functionality enabling users to create a copy of a network based on an approved project, therefore reducing the amount of time needed to deploy network configuration in repeating installations. Westermo will also be announcing new additions to its MRD range of industrial mobile broadband/routers, plus additional functionality for its WeOS operating system.

Westermo experts will be on hand to provide support on any aspect of implementing data communication networks, especially those supporting critical applications. Advice will also be offered on how to improve network security.

SPS IPC Drives, taking place from the 22nd to 24th November, is now the largest automation event in Europe, with over 60,000 visitors attending last year. The exhibition allows visitors to meet automation technology suppliers from around the world, see the latest products and learn about new trends and innovations.

To register for free tickets, visit

Westermo Ethernet broadband bridge for train networks

Broadband Ethernet solution enables significant cost savings in carriage refurbishment projects by reusing existing coupler cabling.

Westermo has launched an Ethernet broadband bridge designed especially for the rail vehicle market. The DDW-002-B1, part of the Wolverine series of industrial Ethernet extenders, can be used to interconnect Ethernet networks within rail cars using the existing cables in the train coupling. This provides considerable savings for refurbishment, negating the need to rebuild or replace the train coupler.

The DDW-002-B1 uses power-line communication technology according to IEEE 1901 and is able to support data communication networks by propagating high bandwidth Ethernet traffic over almost any 2-wire cable. This communication technology is well proven, highly robust and able to negate problems with degraded legacy cabling, such as oxidized connectors.The unit requires no configuration, and plug-and-play simplicity allows rapid installation and commissioning, providing a cost-effective and more robust solution compared to wireless technologies.
The unit has been designed to meet the full requirements of the rail vehicle market and has been tested and certified to meet and exceed EN 50155. It is also approved for track side deployment according to EN 50121-4.
The DDW-002-B1 also has potential for use in a variety of non-rail applications, e.g. involving communication over slip rings. Its compact and robust construction makes it well suited for deployment in areas with severe operating conditions and extreme environments.

By using the highest quality components the DDW-002-B1 delivers extended Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) figures. Features like a GORE-TEX® membrane in the IP67 enclosure prevent water build-up, and the vibration-safe integrated connector threading, further contribute to high MTBF and long service life.
This product complements Westermo’s comprehensive range of Ethernet backbone and consist network switches already in wide use throughout the rail industry.





Westermo awarded at ISSRE 2016 for research on software test automation

Per Erik Strandberg is the lead author of the research paper that was awarded Best Research Paper at the ISSRE 2016 Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

Westermo awarded at ISSRE 2016 for research on software test automation

The 27th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE) was held in Ottawa, Canada 23-27 October, 2016. The Westermo research paper on “Automated System Level Regression Test Prioritization using multiple factors” was awarded best research paper.

Read more

“We are proud to receive this recognition of our dedicated work to continuously ensure high quality with our development work. Personally I am very proud of the Software team at Westermo who have worked for years to get us to the point where we are today, where I also see the team's joint dedication to take this quality assurance work even further. I am also grateful for the support of our fellow researchers from the US and from Mälardalens Högskola in Västerås, Sweden”, says Peter Johansson who is Manager for Software Solutions and Software Test at Westermo.

The main author of the research paper, Per Erik Strandberg was on site in Ottawa to present the research work. The paper has been developed together with Thomas J. Ostrand (USA) and Elaine J. Weyuker (USA) and Daniel Sundmark and Wasif Afzal from Mälardalens University (SWE). "The knowledge acquired and the new contacts established during the very intensive conference week, has triggered our curiosity beyond the ideas we already had.", says Per Erik Strandberg, Test Lead at Westermo.

Reliability is crucial in any industrial and infrastructure process control system. It is important that the data communications for these systems will work at all times. The continuous work with software test at the Westermo Research and Development centre contributes to increased system reliability.

The Automated System Level Regression Test capabilities provide the ability to pinpoint problems long before a product is released. “This way of testing automatically provides early feedback with diversified results tailored for each individual developer without the need to manually choose what to test and when.”, says Peter Johansson.

By complementing automated testing with other test measures, for example risk based testing and exploratory based testing, Westermo work to ensure the highest quality with the combination of automation and human intelligence.

ISSRE is an academic conference with strong industry participation running since 1990 and covering reliability engineering for software. ISSRE interests are in reliability, availability, safety, security and quality of software. ISSRE is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.

Read more ate the ISSRE website

Per Erik Strandberg (3rd from left) together with his co-writers Thomas J. Ostrand and Elaine J. Weyuker (4th and 5th from left) at the award ceremony. On the far right is Yvan Labiche, Chairman of ISSRE 2016, and the two gentlemen on the left are award winners for another research paper for which the best research paper award was shared.

Dynamic automated risk based test selection - test efforts where it matters most

A key factor of quality assurance at Westermo is dealing with complexity. Infinite possible combinations in terms of new and existing features, supported protocols, supported hardware platforms, network topologies and solutions is the challenge we meet.

At the same time we want to be flexible when developing new features and to get rapid feedback. We manage this with feature-driven development and continuous integration.

With our automated system level regression test capabilities, we have the ability to pinpoint problems long before product release with early feedback to developers. With this we are able to automatically provide diversified results tailored for each individual developer without the need to manually choose what to test and when.

We have our own developed test framework that completely automatically selects what tests to put into each individual test suite that the framework. This selection is based on quantified risks that changes along with what is about to be tested. The test framework also maps test cases towards an arbitrary number of physical test systems, each with its different set of DUTs. We have built the capability into the test framework to be able to test different network topologies that even comprise of subsets of our physical test network topologies. This helps us mitigate risks and manage the complexity that comes from an infinite number of possible test setup combinations.

At the CODE-STHLM Conference (Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference Embedded Edition) I will talk about how we at Westermo continuously ensure high quality of our software development throughout the development process with our automated system level regression test capabilities.

Please come listen to my speech at the conference, to learn how this works for real and come see me afterwards to discuss it with me. I am looking forward to meet you there!

Read more about the conference

- Petra Wernkvist, Test Lead at Westermo

Westermo invests in the future

Westermo has since 1975 been known for its quality and reliable data communication solutions for industries in harsh environments. As a point to further strengthen our offering and our position in the market, Westermo has made significant investments in its manufacturing facility in Sweden.

The investment means that we can handle a high mix volume production. This means shorter runs of printed circuit boards, consisting of even more components. We have with this investment further increased our level of precision, flexibility, and can offer even faster delivery, without compromising on quality.

Along with products that far exceed industry standards, and with an intelligent operating system and tools for a simpler and more effective management of the industrial network, Westermo is now ready to meet the future.

For more information, please contact Kari Parkkila:

Westermo expands and opens a new office in Australia

Westermo is stepping out into the world again. This time, we are opening a new office in Australia.

The office has been open since the beginning of the summer. During this period we have had the opportunity to ensure that procedures and technology works as planned. 
The Australian team will work closely with our other offices around the world, with a focus on providing our knowledge, solutions and products to new and existing clients.

Westermo switches in critical control networks at Czech petrochemical plant

Westermo switches in critical control networks at Czech petrochemical plant

Unipetrol is a major refinery and petrochemical company in the Czech Republic. One of the company’s biggest assets is the industrial premises Chempark Záluží which is the largest chemical production facility in the country.  The facility is currently the seat of several dozens of important chemical and service companies and is a daily workplace for 6,500 employees from 180 companies.

The part of the plant where Ethylene is produced is particularly important since it is widely used as a component in many other products produced at the plant. A stoppage in the Ethylene production would have enormous economic implications because it would affect the overall production. A complete new network backbone for power control and distribution as well as an upgraded network backbone for the emergency shutdown system has been built with Westermo switches to support the applications in the Ethylene unit.

The communication infrastructure and the systems has been built and implemented by Inelsev, a Czech company that provides services for industrial automation and energetic systems. The decision to use Westermo devices was based on a strong working relationship between Inelsev and Westermo’s Czech distributor.

“This is a plant where reliability is absolutely crucial. The systems are designed to be extremely robust in order to guarantee continuous operation and to protect the plant and the people who work here. In the previous network solution we used another switch brand that we had to replace. The main reason for that was the network ring recovery time. Whenever the network had to recover, it took so long that connected equipment (OPC servers) would not start up and connect properly. WeOS powered Westermo product including the ring network protocol FRNT with 20 ms recovery time was a perfect fit. Extremely fast, robust and easy to use,” said Pavel Ješina, R&D manager at Inelsev who have designed and implemented both networks.

The two networks were built in 2011. The emergency shutdown system was an upgrade project where old switches from another brand were replaced with Westermo Lynx’s in a dual ring network topology. The purpose of this network is to shut down the plant in an emergency situation. The power control and distribution network was built as a completely new system and connects 30 substations throughout the plant with a central control room. The network consists of 270 communication devices, over 500 process screens and panels, 13 000 I/O connections and more than 300 000 alarms. The network consists mainly of Lynx L210-F2G and a variety of RedFox industrial switches.

The many combinations of ports and the possibility to mix copper and fibre media was another big driver for selecting Westermo products. “Inside a building we can use regular copper Ethernet cables, but the cables connecting the different buildings must be fibre due to safety legislations,” explained Pavel. “The many models and port combinations in the RedFox Industrial range allowed us to select the ideal product at every location and to prepare for expanding the network in the future”.

Another positive outcome from using Westermo devices is that configuration and maintenance is extremely simple. All managed Westermo devices are powered by the same operating system, WeOS. This means that you will get an identical experience whether you configure a Lynx, RedFox or any other managed Westermo device, regardless of model. It also means that any new functionality added to any new WeOS version will be backwards compatible and available in any previously installed WeOS device. The operating system is designed to be as robust as the hardware. It is made to be simple to use and configure and thoroughly tested in the Westermo software test lab. “I have worked with many different brands of switches and routers, and compared to many others, configuring a Westermo switch is like kindergarten,” said Pavel.

To make configuration and maintenance even simpler, Westermo also provides WeConfig, a “Made Easy” network configuration management tool designed to simplify both the initial configuration and network commissioning which can be performed much quicker than before and over the lifetime of a network hundreds of man hours can be saved. “I use WeConfig for upgrading the Westermo devices when a new firmware upgrade is made available. The tool makes upgrades simple and hassle free and I can access all units from one central point and automated updates are performed swiftly and securly. I am excited to start experimenting more with WeConfig when we expand our network”, said Pavel.

“We have created a straight forward, robust and reliable network solution. This is exactly what is needed here and the Westermo units have been working flawlessly since they were installed. The products are easy to use and I would not hesitate to select Westermo products for another application where the same type of requirements are needed”, Pavel ends.

Westermo at Innotrans 2016

Last week (20-23 September), we participated in the exhibition Innontrans 2016. For those who could not attend, have the opportunity to take advantage of our new products and solutions on our website.

New range of Ethernet switches that manage increasing demand for high-speed communication networks on-board rail vehicles.

Westermo has introduced a new generation of Ethernet train switches that provide highly robust networks to support many end devices and high data rates. Specifically designed for train applications.

Read more:

Westermo provides solutions for reliable and versatile train networks

Westermo provides an extensive range of network devices that can be used to create reliable solutions for many different applications such as WLAN access points, observation and surveillance cameras, multimedia displays, network video recorders, online timetable information and diagnostic data.

Read more:

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