Westermo advises major maritime companies of need for cyber protection

Westermo has delivered a lecture on the risks of cyber-attacks against the maritime sector to major industry players at the Advanced Vessels conference in Norway. Erik Johansson, cyber security manager at Westermo was one of the expert speakers invited to the event, and gave a presentation entitled ‘Cyber security: more than a myth - a demonstration of a cyber-attacks on the marine industry’.

The lecture looked at the potential for cyber-attacks on ships’ industrial data communications and control systems, which, given that shipping companies are becoming increasingly reliant upon information technology to conduct their operations was of great interest to many delegates. As well as looking at the potential threats, Erik Johansson also spoke about ways of combating such attacks and making the industry more cyber-aware.

“Because major efforts are being made to improve safety and security in the maritime sector, the latest procedures and technologies related to cyber security was very much a focal point of the conference,” explained Erik. “With its long history of providing reliable and resilient networks, Westermo is ideally positioned to advise the maritime sector on, not only the threats posed, but also the right procedures, technologies and solutions to protect vessels from these attacks.”

The lecture, held on the final day of the two-day conference was delivered to a sold-out audience of representatives from some of the industry’s leading companies, including Rolls-Royce Marine, Siemens, ABB, Kongsberg Maritime and DNV GL.

The event was arranged by NFA, the Norwegian Society of Automatic Control. Now in its 12th year, the conference has become an important meeting place for those working in the maritime sector, showcasing major developments taking place in Norwegian shipping, both operationally and technologically.

Westermo is looking for new talent to join the company

Westermo has participated in a career event in Linköping in Sweden in search of new talent to join the company. The event was aimed specifically at engineers and around 250 people attended. There was a strong interest in the company and the technology that Westermo develops.
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Please watch the short video report from the event.

Westermo M2M 3G Gateway/ Router provides cost effective solution for connecting remote machines and systems

Westermo has expanded its range of industrial M2M 3G Gateways/Routers with the introduction of the MRD-305-DIN. This new cost effective device provides access to remotely located machines, SCADA systems, PLCs and HMIs using a wide variety of communication methods, eliminating the need for time-consuming site visits and providing a network infrastructure suitable for today’s `always-on’ society.

The MRD-305-DIN is suitable for a broad range of M2M applications ranging from securely connecting simple devices to each other or a server via a virtual private network, to simply providing a gateway to the internet for more intelligent systems. The MRD-305-DIN is designed for remote access across mobile networks, supporting many mobile standards including GSM, GPRS, 3G, EDGE, HSDPA and HSUPA, and compatible with any type of SIM card, such as static IP SIM, M2M SIM, or an off-the-shelf SIM. The MRD-305-DIN features a powerful connection manager that automatically, and without user-interaction, reconnects to the carrier network to ensure a constant connection to any remote asset.

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As with all Westermo solutions, this compact device is suitable for demanding industrial applications that require reliable and resilient data communications. The device has a power input range of between 10 and 36 VDC and an operating temperature range of -40C to 70C. A built-in two-port Ethernet switch meets the majority of typical applications such as connecting a PLC and accompanying HMI, and enables easy integration.

The unit offers network protection from malicious eavesdroppers via encrypted communication tunnels (VPN), and features a simple, yet powerful, packet inspection firewall to prevent unauthorised access. Configuring the unit is very easy with the built-in web-interface. The device can also provide both management and monitoring via SMS. For example an SMS could be sent to start a VPN.

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Westermo to provide expert advice and showcase new products at SPS IPC Drives exhibition

Westermo will be demonstrating the company’s latest industrial networking solutions and offering advice on how to implement the most resilient industrial networks at this year’s SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, from 24th-26th November 2015.

The theme of the Westermo booth (501, Hall 10) is ‘creating the world’s best industrial networks’, and supporting this Westermo will be displaying innovative, future-oriented products and solutions for industrial data communications.

Among the products on display will be a range of new Gigabit-enabled industrial Ethernet switches, Ethernet media convertors and high-end Layer 2 switches. Also being demonstrated are new Layer 3 Ethernet Extenders and the latest version of Westermo’s intelligent network configuration tool WeConfig.

In addition to the new products, Westermo experts will be on hand to provide advice to visitors wanting to implement an industrial network to support their data communications requirements. Typical subjects might include choosing the right technology, installing resilient and reliable industrial networks and taking advantage of the 4G rollout for remote access applications.

SPS IPC Drives, now in its 26th year, is the largest automation event in Europe, with over 56,000 visitors. The exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to meet suppliers of automation technology from around the world and learn about the industry’s latest products, trends and innovations.

SPS / IPC / Drives 2015, Nuremberg
Nov 24-26, stand 501, Hall 10

For more information visit Westermo Germany's SPS web page

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Westermo is looking for top future talent

Finding and attracting future talent of the right calibre is a growing challenge for companies all over the world. But as each generation of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced workers needs replacing, a new generation of students comes along, looking for opportunities. To help tap into this potential talent, Westermo staff attended the recent Degree Project Day at Mälardalens University to meet students searching for a degree project who might become future employees.

The Mälardalens University lecture hall was packed full of students keen to find out what degree projects were available from participating companies. Fredrik Oskarsson, Support Manager at Westermo, was the first to present, describing the company, its current development and future challenges. He also outlined the different degree projects being offered by Westermo.

“Westermo is offering several degree projects within the areas of marketing, embedded systems, networks and software engineering,” said Oskarsson. “And of course we encourage students who have their own projects to contact us, as we are very open to new ideas.”

After the presentations, students got the opportunity to talk to the participating companies. Westermo’s booth was particularly well attended, with Fredrik Oskarsson, Anne-Li Hallblad, HR Manager, and Peter Johansson, Software Manager, kept very busy answering questions and discussing the different degree projects.

Mälardalens University students Jakob Danielsson and Tobias Andersson are currently studying intelligent embedded systems and are both looking for a degree project within the area of communication.

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“I am interested in how to put data networks together and how different systems communicate with each other. I want to find new solutions and create more efficient ways of doing things,” said Danielsson. “It is very important that the degree project is challenging and of course that there is a chance of employment after the project has been completed. Westermo is definitely an attractive company because it is active in the market I would like to work in in the future.”

Andersson added: “We are leaving with a very good impression of Westermo after meeting with them today. It is an interesting company, with professional and nice people.”

Another student interested in a Westermo degree project was Viktoria Andersson, a computer science student at Mälardalens University.

“When I choose a degree project it is very important that I get the opportunity to use my knowledge and experience gained from my education, but also develop my skills further,” said Andersson. “Westermo is a very interesting company and I will certainly be taking a closer look at the degree projects they can offer. They would also be an interesting potential employer.”

Degree projects are often a student’s first contact with potential employers and provide a great opportunity for companies to attract future talent. Students get a chance to meet the people at the company, see how they work and learn their corporate values, which creates a great springboard into working life. Westermo is determined to find the best future talent, and the Degree Projects Day was a great way to achieve that.

For more information about the degree projects that Westermo can offer please contact:

Peter Johansson, Software Manager
Phone: +46 70 608 3063
E-mail: peter.johansson@westermo.se

Westermo awarded network equipment order for Washington DC Metro trains

Toshiba International Corporation has awarded Westermo a 4.2 MUSD order for the supply of communication network equipment. The Ethernet based train switches from Westermo will be used to build the communication infrastructure on the new fleet of Series 7000 Rail Cars for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).

This order follows on from the similar sized order for WMATA that was awarded to Westermo in 2012. Deliveries for the new order will commence in the second half of 2016. It covers the supply of network equipment for a total of 384 additional rail cars. Toshiba delivers drive and control systems to Kawasaki, who then assembles the rail cars for WMATA.

Westermo is a world leader in network equipment for railway rolling stock. The company has enjoyed spectacular success in the North American railway market, entering there in 2010. The decision to award the order is based on the industry leading quality of the products and the experience that Toshiba and Kawasaki have of Westermo as an industrial communications technology partner.

Westermo CEO, Lars-Ola Lundkvist states that: “The order confirms that we are on track with the Westermo growth investment plan announced in September 2014. The plan covers the investment of 175 MSEK to further strengthen our market offer and our capacity to be a valuable partner for global engineering technology companies.”

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Inspiration is the key to continuous improvements

It is an early autumn morning and the sun is slowly starting to rise over the red painted Westermo building and its surroundings. The parking lot is already full of cars and the activity inside the building is high. At a first glance this looks like a regular day at Westermo, but when walking through the production new faces appears; CH Industry is visiting Westermo to learn more about the company’s work with Continuous Improvements.

At Westermo, a leading producer of data communications solutions for industrial applications, the use of continuous improvements has become a major part of the company’s innovative corporate culture.

“All departments are driving their own continuous improvements projects and everyone is encouraged to be creative, take the initiative and to seek inspiration from other organisations.” says Kari Parkkila, VP Production, Westermo. “We have seen significant results from the improvement projects implemented by our teams. Thousands of time-consuming `steps’ have been removed from our manufacturing processes, making them more effective. For example, the order processing administration time has been reduced by 50 percent and in one of our test processes the capacity has increased by 50 percent. These great improvements have been achieved as a result of the ideas and programmes set by our fantastic people.”

Kari continues; “Finding new ways of solving old problems can be difficult and sometimes there is a need to see problems from another point of view. We have therefore embraced different methods from a range of companies and industries.”

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Having developed continuous improvements programmes themselves for many years, Westermo is now not only seeking inspiration from other organisations, but has also become a source of inspiration to others. Today Westermo welcomes a group from CH Industry, a company active in mechanical processing and welding, to visit the production facility and Michael Rinman, Production Supervisor at Westermo, explains how continuous improvements projects have been developed and implemented within the production process.

“We were introduced to Westermo by the Eskilstuna Factory Association. Like Westermo, CH Industry adopts continuous improvements projects and the company is always looking for new ideas to improve our processes.” explained Daniel Serrander, Production Manager at CH Industry. “The purpose of the visit to Westermo was to get some new ideas and inspiration from a company that has used continuous improvements successfully. We still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to involving our own skilled employees in the different processes, but this has been a very useful experience,” said Serrander.

“Westermo´s production facility in Stora Sundby is certainly very impressive; it is very clean and offers an excellent vibrant and fresh environment to work in,” continued Serrander. “Westermo has very clear processes when it comes to reporting the status and maintenance of the machinery in the factory. This is something that we can apply to our work at CH Industry. We also like the work that Westermo has done with the continuous improvements documentation process. The documentation process is very important when it comes to evaluating the results.”

Serrander explains that there are three major things that CH Industry will take from their visit; “Firstly we have some new ideas of how we can work with continuous improvements in terms of documentation and processes. Secondly, we have learned new methods for documentation of machinery maintenance and status. And finally, we have a better understanding of how to measure efficiency, both in terms of production and the continuous improvements projects themselves.”

Continuous improvements have had a great impact on Westermo, and the company is proud to be able to share its knowledge and experience to other companies. It is about finding the right mentality and culture, and if you get it right, it is an incredible force for developing your company. By constantly improving its processes Westermo has become one of the best and most efficient companies in its market.

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