WeConnect overview

WeConnect is a very scalable and multi-resilient solution, designed to provide individual secure networks completely isolated from each other. WeConnect is therefore not a multi-tenant solution, removing the possibility of data leakage or restrictions on IP-addresses.


Secure remote access to the network edge

  • Easily create a secure encrypted network between remote locations
  • Connect a PC, tablet or smartphone to the remote network
  • Minimize costly site visits using remote monitoring and management

All that is needed is a connection to the internet

  • WeConnect works on any type of media
  • No need for public IP-addresses or special SIM cards
  • WeConnect can use an existing factory network

Designed to solve common industrial problems

  • WeConnect allows the ‘same IP-addresses on all sites
  • Create a secure peer to peer network of remote devices
  • Replacement solution for leased-lines or dial-up applications

Reliable connectivity when needed

  • Scalability and resilience using industry leading global platform provider
  • Each secure network is isolated from each other – no multi-tenancy
  • Easy to setup with integrated support in the Westermo routers

WeConnect is designed with cyber-security at the core of everything

  • Encrypted secure tunnels using Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Firewall friendly VPN using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Easy to block access
  • Firewalls on all Westermo nodes
  • Fully isolated secure networks
  • Certificate based security
  • Individual certificates for each client and node
  • 2-factor authentication (pending)





Secure network




- PC, MAC, Linux
- Smartphone, tablet
- SCADA servers
- HMI's

- Connect clients/nodes
- Support multiple networks
- Fully isolated networks
- Scalable
- Site or machine
- Internet connection only requirement
- Individual firewall on all nodes


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