EN 50155 Ethernet Broadband Bridge


The Wolverine series consists of Ethernet extenders and bridges for propagating Ethernet traffic over existing cabling. The DDW-002-B1 is based on power line communication (IEEE 1901) and is capable of bridging high bandwidth Ethernet traffic over 2-wire cables, even when there are oxidized connectors.

This can lead to considerable financial savings when refurbishing a train with Ethernet communication, as existing train couplers can be reused without the need for a costly rebuild or even replacement. By simply installing a DDW-002-B1 on each side of the coupler, a bridge connecting the Ethernet networks on each side is created. The fact that no configuration is needed further contributes to the ease of use.

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The DDW-002-B1 has been thoroughly tested by certified labs to ensure its compliance with the standard for electronic equipment used on rolling stock, the EN 50155. For several characteristics, Westermo exceeds the requirements mandated by the standard.

Furthermore, the design is based on Westermo’s long experience within the rolling stock market, which brings benefits such as vibration safe integrated connector threading, IP67 ingress protection with GORE-TEX® membrane to prevent condensation water build-up and ultimately a high MTBF and long service life under the harshest conditions.

The DDW-002-B1 is built in Westermo’s Swedish factory which is renowned for its extremely high standard, as confirmed by a multitude of quality audits by demanding international customers. The factory is organized according to lean manufacturing principles and it is equipped with sophisticated state-of-the-art quality assurance equipment.

Meeting the requirements for rolling stock, makes the DDW-002-B1 also very well suited for deployment in other applications with severe operating conditions and extreme environments.



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EN 50155 Ethernet Broadband Bridge