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Westermo has extensive knowledge of industrial networks. Through our many years as a manufacturer of industrial networking products, we have learnt how to best protect your network against intrusion.
In this archive you will find regular updates on security advisories, statements, application concept and best practices. Check back often and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding industrial cyber security.

Security advisories

Name: Description: Date: Link:
WEOS-16-03 CVE-2015-7547 glibc getaddrinfo stack-based buffer overflow 2016-02-19 Download
WEOS-15-07 Multiple vulnerabilities in OpenSSL (update 1.0.1q) v1 2015-12-04 Download
Default factory web interface certificate 2015-11-30 Download

Application concepts

Name: Description: Date: Link:
Intrusion detection
Learn how to use WeOS to detect intrusion attempts 2016-01-20 Download
Network segregation
Use WeOS switching routers to create security zones in your network 2016-01-20 Download
Network to network protection
WeOS functions for protection of data in transit 2016-01-20 Download
Perimeter protection
Protect your industrial network from unsolicited requests 2016-01-20 Download
Spoofing protection
Defend your network from unauthorized devices 2016-01-20 Download


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