Solutions for train networks

The demands on the intelligence of the network are constantly increasing. Westermo has, through its many years in the data communications industry in general and in the train networks business in particular, developed a unique know-how about demands and solutions for the train networks market.


Next generation high definition video recording

Connect gigabit devices to the consist ring. Record more cameras at higher resolution and take advantage of the latest wireless solutions att full speed.


TTDP, Train Topology Discovery Protocol

Train inauguration is a process where the network can automatically reconfigure as carriages are joined or rearranged. The TTDP (Train Topology Discovery Protocol) in the RedFox Rail backbone router allows this reconfiguration meaning that networking skills do not have to be taught the operations staff of the train operating company.


Dual redundant and failsafe backbone

Solution specially designed to allow the creation of a fault tolerant Ethernet backbone structure on trains. The dual bypass relay router ensures that aggregated links between carriages are maintained, even if one carriage has a power failure.


Multiple secure and isolated services

Save cost by sharing network infrastructure while preseving security across multiple services.


Rapid video stream failover

Intelligent distributed multacast options allows for uninterrupted audio and video streams.


Train network resilience

Fault tolerant Ethernet train network on multiple levels using FRNT ring protocol, VRRP, LACP and failsafe backbone routers.

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